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Submission of abstracts:

Abstracts containing objectives of the study, brief methodology, results & conclusion; avoiding tables, figures or references should be mailed to and alternatively entered on this form, before 28-02-2017. Only original and quality papers will be accepted, out of which selected research papers will be considered for oral presentation and the remaining shall be included as poster presentation.

Success stories should be mailed in full.

Please indicate the life membership status (Yes/No) with SVAHE, best befitting theme of your abstract and preference of presentation (Oral/Poster) in your submission.

CLICK HERE to submit abstract.

Formatting requirements for abstract:

Font: Times New Roman and font size 12 with spacing 1.5.

Theme area: Best befitting theme area should be mentioned at the top of the abstract.

Title in sentence case and genus/species/local names etc. in italics.

Example: Adoption of Artificial Insemination in Dairy Cattle by Gaddi Tribe Members of Jammu and Kashmir.

Author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s):  Authors name(s) bold and affiliations normal font. Format: Last name, Initials. (e.g. Devendra, S., Yadav, A. S. and Yadav, K. R.) sepated by commas. Presenting author should be indicated.

Corresponding authors email address

Abstract: Abstract should have brief background of the study, methodology, results and conclusion. Results should be presented in concise form excluding table/figures (Limited to 300 words).

Keywords: 4 to 5 keywords arranged alphabetically and separated by commas.

References: If necessary, limited to two.

Guideline for oral presentation: For oral presentation speakers will present their work in MS PowerPoint (.pptx format). The presentation should be brought by delegates in a CD or pen drive.  Necessary arrangement for projection will be provided and delegates will have 10 minutes to present their work, which will follow a 5 minute discussion.

Guideline for poster: Size of the poster should be 2 x 4 feet containing objectives of the study, brief methodology, results & conclusion; with tables, figures and photographs.